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Clarity for the journey

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Coaching where usually leaders fail to look
Are you experiencing burnout, overwhelming inner dialogue?
Are you experiencing  lack of clarity in decision making?
Are you aiming for new opportunities? Are you in need to secure things?

We aim to facilitate access to your inner wisdom, creativity and performance for complex times in an uncertain world
Integrating the power that lies in aspects of the shadow, allignment of needs and insight for the journey.


Galina Bobryakova


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Jorge Carrillo

Holigral Facilitator

Roxani Oukonomou

Body Language Communication Coach

Sofia Kelemlidou

Wellness Coach

Deconstruct your leadership style and build it back from the basics.

Access your inner wisdom!

Your fundamental needs, inspired by Maslow, offer a robust basis to explore the manifold levels of mind structures which drive your personal style of leadership. One person might be compensating the lack of affection that drives a need for exposure and recognition, another person´s drive to amass money derives from a deep rooted sense of uncertainty, and also, someone´s ability for innovation emerges from the need to self actualise as there is boredom in his self referencial process of mind, for another it can be a sense of honor that comes from the need for esteem or recognition. In many was we have experienced moments that defined us and with them some modalities of disconnection. A caleidoscope of shadows that shape unconsciously much of what we do and feel.

Clarity of mind, allignment of fundamental needs and the hability to join the dots is a source for effective decision making in life.

We provide understanding on how neurology sets the mechanisms for you to behave in certain limiting ways. The drive our mind-body system creates detonate a whole range of mindframes, behaviours and goals to achieve. This with unforseen and sometimes unwanted consequences which stresses the mind and gives rise to conflict. We might be able enough to repress, differ or compensated to meet the requirements of the moment yet all this comes back eventually.

Our scope considers your mind-body system, psychological developments and skills for communicating and relating with the world around. Easy, we all operate the same...

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Team Building

Awareness of why we do what we do, improving our well beingness and renewal of personal expression.

The many fold experience of leadership eventually takes you to a moment which demands deep reflection and a fearless commitment to face our demons and unwanted aspects of self. Midlife crisis, dealing with complexity, burnout and too many costs. Success comes with a price and then some.

Wise Leadership is for you is an on-line distance coaching platform which offers a solid model based in neurology, cutting edge psychology models and tools to enhance communication skills and wellbeingness. tools for understanding and adapt to the complex and volatile scenarios we are living in this present times. Our team of professional coaches facilitate a sustainable path to do deep transformational work that will allow you to access inner resources that will empower your already developed capacities for leadership as:

Clarity of mind and resilience.
Optimisation of executive skills.

Resolution of burnout, trauma, past life cycles.
Enhanced adaptability skills.
Understanding of mind-brain-body integration.
Communication skills.
Understanding unconscious social games and rules.
and more

What we offer is on-line coaching access to our development programmes which are comprised of self applied exercises with on-line support, online courses and conferences and more.

Enhance your resilience and adaptative skills by understanding brain activity and communication

Let´s face it, any leader at the top is also human and much of the success achieved or aimed into, comes with a cost. We all experience trauma at many stages of our personal development and life: separation, unhealthy influences, loss, abuse, strife and hardship or maybe non whatsoever but the lack of proper growth and resources to learn from a variety of environments and contexts and challenges as well.


All of this and more, stored in your mind-body systems and with neurological efficiency that allows your to achieve and deliver until something happens because its to late…

Tools and Techniques to Expand your Authentic Self

Coaching to improve your quality of life, improve your game and open your eyes.

Adaptative Skills for Challenging Times

Conveying the Right Communication

Honor your wellbeingness and health

Free content to grow in knowledge and insight

Learn About Our Distance Programmes and 1:1 coaching

Complex and volatile times are pressing upon us to seize the moment and evolve into more integrated and effective agents of change, whether its in our businesses or family life and then naturally hold the inner space for equanimity, resilience and understanding.

The process attains emotional release and freedom as healing and resolution of our forgotten aspects are integrated with the present self and in doing so, life force re-balances naturally improving naturally our body´s ability to heal or our emotional regulation process improves allowing for a more balanced management of emotions.

Expanding your map of reality, refining your skills with more context on how you brain operates in the many levels of personal leadership you experience, both positive and negative experiences. The neurobiology of stress, fear, team work, crea†ive process will open your eyes into a new territory to explore as you develop new skills and quality of life.


Life happens and with it we face losses, abuse substances, compulsive and abusive behaviors, health conditions, social conditions and many more that our mind resolves and organises in our memory giving then conditions for something bad eventually to happen. Uncertainty is a constant that modulate according many variables, the most defining operate within the range of our adaptative skills. Are you ready?

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