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We are a multicultural team leaders in our field and countries with an extensive experience in a range of disciplines and experiences in the field of leadership, corporate environments and uman development

We center our work within the fundamental needs, inspired by maslow and further developed by Galina´s experience in neurobiology and neuropsychology.... we aim to bring clarity and simplicity in the way we fulfill our needs making the work sustainable and stewards of our planet, families and endeavors.

We have brought together a multidisciplinary approach to offer an holistic set of  knowledge, tools and expertise in facilitating people´s development from our surface experience of life to the very depths our our core being

Galina Bobryakova

Executive & Team coach PCC ICF, Mentor coach ICF, MCC ICI

More than 4500 hours of work in teams and companies (such as Roche Pharmaceuticals, Danone, Savencia Group, Porto Mare, First Line Health Care Resort, Brock Invest Ltd, Emerge Global Ventures Ltd, CLS International, Periodica Press, HT Lab and others).

The methods of my work with companies and C-level teams are based on scientific data from neuroscience, anthropology, social psychology of small groups, management and team development, as well as real practical business experience. Below you can see briefly my background:



The methods of my work with companies and C-level teams are based on scientific data from neuroscience, anthropology, social psychology of small groups, management and team development, as well as real practical business experience. Below you can see briefly my background:

Medical Doctor, Neurologist, Neuropsychologist, Neurophysiologist (12 years of medical training and practice in neurology). I have an MSc in Psychology and my thesis was on the engagement and proactivity of remote business teams. The study was conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020

Almost 11 years of managerial experience with transnational corporations (Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices (USA), GlaxoSmithKline (UK), MSD and soon) in Russia and abroad (Germany, South East Asia).

Business Agility coach (ICP CAT), Certified Facilitator

Founder of the Neuro-X.Pro Center for Helping Professions and the "Wellness Leadership Club. Begin with yourself"

Author of the program "Team Coaching for Executives" CCE ICF at Global Coaching University

Professional Nomination Winner and the Audience Award at the First Russian National Award “TOP-5 Executive Coaches 2021”


Jorge Carrillo

Holigral Method Facilitator and Global Technical Director


As facilitator, my work aims to enable the clients perception to emerge, discover and join the dots of the manyfold fragmented aspects of self that are limiting in our lifes, whether it´s aims are for deep therapy and healing, executive coaching, integrating teams and more. By doing so, people release and resolve stress and other emotional patterns, expand our sense of limits and achieve a greater capability to adapt by generating resourceful states like flow or accelerated learning thus enabling a higher skill set for adaptability and manage change sustainabily.

I am trained as NLP Master Practitioner and EFT Master Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping). Im an avid innovator and pioneer in the such fields, integrating tools and techniques which I applied mainly into trauma healing and addiction recovery.

I also have a successful experience as business innovator by pioneering in Mexico the Barter Industry, developing a new market at the time, innovating market strategies, accounting systems and developing a unique basis to create barter executives which from the Human Resources perspective implied a new professional field for which I created training and mentoring programmes on sales performance, team integration, executive performance and customer service  for my own team of executives.

I regularly offer retreats and on-line coaching and presently I´m consulting with a security firm innovating management processes for risk management, corporate intelligence and recruitment of public officers into the private sector helping them to adapt to a new working culture within our clients operational needs and security challenges.

Roxani Oikonomou

Roxani Oikonomou, is a Microexpressions Trainer and a Body language Consultant for companies’ Sales forces and public speakers internationally.

She is an inspirational speaker and presenter, that has been participating in symposiums and to more seminars respectively in Greece and abroad.

Roxani is a lecturer in universities, about the positive Body language in various aspects of public speaking e.g. for Job interview, for Career Counselors e.t.c.

The general  thematic  that she deals with the development of effective communication through non-verbal methods and approaches.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-15 at 09.30.18.jpeg

She is  a warm believer of the power of Active Listening.

She says :“The secret weapon to Leadership”.

It's been 2 years since  and now on the way to the third, as a member at TEDxSwansea, Wales in England, where she provides Body Language Consulting to the TEDxSpeakers on how to move on the red carpet, their body gesturing and in general how to express their TEDxTalks  to global audiences.

At the same time, Roxani is an active Executive in Tourism industry for over 20 years.
And at the last 10 years, she has been a Sales and Communication Manager at a 4-star Hotel in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

As a Sales and Communicator ,she feels the need and the value of  transmitting a message effectively.

Parallel to that managing multifaceted situations is a part of her daily  work routine.
Power and Warmth, in balance the two fundamental principles of Roxani’s  coaching.
Founder of I.T.H.A.C.A. model, The positive body language for Leaders for:
I =Influence , T=Trust ,H=High status, A= Approachable, C=Competence, A=Active Presence

There are two questions that humans ask themselves about the person, two chronological questions:
Yes, You can Trust me!
Yes, You can Rely on me!

She has her own channel on YOU TUBE, “The School of Body Language in Public Speaking” with live seminars for Leadership, webinars for job Interview , educational video content about public speaking in two languages Greek and English.

Also, she is interviewing people from Greece and abroad , experts in Career Guidance or Personal development Coaches  and  Professionals from Tourism sector.

With her private  Greek Face book group BODY LANGUAGE AND MICRO EXPRESSIONS, she communicates her love for effective communication, with the main goal of people to deeper level of communication, deeper level of connection.
  I am glad to be part of the LEADESRSHIP HUB FOR YOU TEAM  , I support leaders to overcome the fear of Public Speaking, to communicate with power and influence!



Sofia Kalemlidou

FDC Aesthetic Cosmetology - Skin Coach

Eating healthy diet is all about feeling great, having more energy, improving your skin health and boosting your mood!!!


25 years dedicated to research, continuous attendance of seminars around the world collaborating with famous scientist on skin health. Graduate beautician and for the last 3 years a graduate of an Academy in England as a skin health coach through food. I am and feel the energy that the body gives through its basic needs beyond the non-toxic, alkaline diet, the daily necessary combined exercise, the best face and body care.

The necessary 8 hours of sleep at specific time, meditation, contact with positive people are essentials and priorities for a long and healthy life for which I am grateful!!!

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