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Jorge Carrillo

I´m a Holigral Facilitator and Global Technical Coordinator and deliver deep transformational retreats in Mexico. My practice as a leadership coach offers a disruptive approach as I provide processes which through patterns of questions allows for the client to explore with depth the mindscapes or cosmologies from which our sense of reality is constructed and from where patterns of perception, emotions or behaviors brings forth our personal and social matrix.

My work is based in a solid psychological model, The Holigral Method, which offers a complete model based in maths, physics and engineering  and from which powerful transformational processes are delivered elegantly and under the principle of the least resistance to effective change,

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My History

My professional practice dates since 2005 as I embarked in the field of NLP as I was interested in exploring how this approach could help my team at the time as I was developing a local barter system which I founded some time before. My personal interest at that time was to develop leadership skills as well for my team to personally growth in the persecution of their own goals. I managed to create a generation of executives with top performing levels in commercial operations who now are successful executives.

Previously, I had been practicing meditation since 1997, studying Kashmir Shivaism, one of the many philosophical systems of the Hindu tradition With a passion for this tantric practices, I found in the inner experience of contemplation and meditation a foundation of what eventually would evolve as my present vocation. The tools I have found and style of work emerges from this source of life.

My interest in clinical practice began to develop as I found more inclined to help people in their personal needs for change and eventually pioneering the initial stages of the energy psychology practice in Mexico by developing more skills with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). By that time I was fully engaged in transformational work and had the chance to work in a first division football team and reached third place amidst a very contending season as our coach was kidnapped and me and my team were forced to hold space psychologically with the players rather than focusing on their top game as a priority. I had a first hand experience how collective trauma created paradoxically conditions for team work and commitment amidst a life threatening situation. 

Although most of my practice was at the time focused on individuals, I felt the need to improve my game with approaches that would allow for organisational work as I still have much interest in developing teams and projects.  It is at this time that I found the Holigral Method and decided to make it my exclusive focus as I found in it a full range of models and theory that suited my beingness and requirements for being scientifically sound, flexible in it delivery and with potential for deeper interventions clinically as well. 

Presently, I coach team leaders and do clinical therapy and from time to time I consult on several organisational matters from an innovation approach. Lately, this has brought interesting projects in which I am delivering the whole range of possibilities: I have been developing an enrollment procedure for security operatives that are migrating from public service to a private firm, this same project demands of me to help in the transition from police work to civil life. At the same time, Im building leadership teams from this same operatives and train them in project management models and skills so they can assume a role which demands decision making, crisis management and intelligence work. At the same time, team building is an aspect of the work that touches on personal matters like burnout or social skills optimisation. 

I also run a social project in a local community which aims to help old age people to reach a healthy lifestyle once they reach  retirement age and can engage freely into different experiences and not be carrying a load of unresolved emotions, memories of trauma of poor adaptation after a life long of servitude and neglect given their social condition. We are one and we need to take car of those left behind in this materialistic societies we have brought upon us                      

With this experience and more, I have hosted several Authentic Leadership Retreats in Mexico and the U.K. helping people to attain a unique beingness in which resolution of limiting patterns brings forth a more genuine and simple vision for life from which our own personal complexities self regulate into a more sustainable way of relating with every day matters as well as being able to face the most challenging of scenarios with solid and lasting inner peace and clear minds.  

An important feature of the work people do with me, is about facing those unconscious aspects of self that usually we tend to ignore, repress or neglect and which comprise the shadow. By addressing those structures, the source of personal power enhances dramatically as all the psychic energy invested in both the unwanted ones and the energy focused in repressing them, is released, integrated and organised to serve better the needs of the individual or collective.

With this project, my intention is to share my skills set and insights to help leaders from the world to reach full potential in allignment with their true self and whenever possible, bring forth new perspectives for life in a world which grows in its social complexity and challenges.       



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