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Sofia Kademlidou

Face Lift& Nutrition Coach

Mi historia

I m Sofia Kademlidou, Facelift Diet Coach and Beauty Ambassador.

Today, 54 years old, and the last 24 years of my wonderful life,  dedicated  to Healthy Skin Care.


I love People and my goal is to transfer following message: Love yourself - take care of yourself to achieve your promise, Beauty and Health is a Life Promise! 


Take your time, but also give yourself time!


Life is beautiful, such as you are, beautiful and unique!


Beauty is wealth, Beauty is Soul and Body together.


What you will learn in the below text, is my life story!

My inner voices, my thoughts, and my belief systems!

But let’s start form the very starting point.

Where   was I born? I was born in a beautiful town in northern Greece.Thessaloniki!

Thessaloniki city,  it has also a  beautiful History of its own, it is worth of  reading it  because once again you will understand its beauty &   value, every story got a value.

My family , a middle – class one.

Since I was a child, and since my father went through war’s horrible hunger, his main concern was our home , his family, his children , my sister and I, his spouse never to feel hunger and our home and th refrigerator  always to be full of food!

His concern was of his children to eat well, to eat a lot, to be strong.

Yes, to be strong , but for  my father that meant to eat meat 4 times per week, meant fried potatoes and a bowl of “feta” cheese ( Greek type of traditional cheese )  and  a lot of olive  oil in the salad, so we could  dip our bread slices in and just  E A T, E A T!

Only, then he was satisfied and calm!

And at the end ,  I mean after each meal , always we had a delicious dessert but with lots of  sugar in it!

Now, I leave it up to you to guess about the results?

Me, Sofia had  became an overweight child with full of cellulite , of a very young age!

 With mental health issues : I was ashamed to go to the beach in the summers, I always had  a towel around me and when I was sure and felt that nobody is looking at me ,  I  was running  fast, so fast and quick  dived deep  into the water , I was  so desperate to hide.

I spent most of my teenager  years hiding and hating my body.


I paid a lot , my  family's eating habits.

Until the time of my independence, my revolution, detoxification and purification!

Unfortunately, my bad healthy habits and my bad life style, providing me with  a Gift 😀 !

Health issue!

Yes , I have  gallstones , yet I control the organ very well , with systematic  tests and guidance by the right persons and expertise.

Furthermore, with the right food and exercise, I manage to be 54 years old , but to look at least 15 years younger with incredible energy and love for the life!

Today I am so optimist for my present and for my future.

It was not only my studies, my education as a Beautician that changed my thinking, my mindset , NO, unfortunately, it was something deeper , a loss,  the loss of my beloved  father.

Our Family Rock , my Rock.

Our Family  Strength , My Strength.

This strong man who left this planet , with  lots of health problems and his body becoming so weak.

At that moment, I took the decision , and having in my mind and in my heart  the wise words of a  great ancient Greek doctor, Hippocrates, who nonce said “ make your food your medicine”!

This is why I have started and treating food as medicine, I exercise  myself  in my  everyday life, I drink plenty of water, sleeping well and  early, meditating for keeping  mind -body in control.

Also, taking care of my body and face with quantum treatments, and so important  socializing with positive people!

We are 4 coaches from 4 different parts of  planet , creating   projects for you,  to help all of you who wish to reach the top and meet self-actualization pathways.

1. Clean your mind and emotional blockings  from the past and be aware of what is holding you back.

2. The mind and the cognitive, the subconscious and how it works, how influences your actions, do you really  know?

3. Learn to exude confidence, and communicate executive presence, by honing your body language awareness.

4. Play with your mood, activate the hormones of joy, happiness through LIVE REAL food.

Just Believe it and it will happen.


We feel Winners, because we want to and we just can.



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