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Someone once taught me that a golden mind leads to a golden life. This catapulted me into an intimate relationship with my mind and the possibilities that arise from cultivating this ability to understand myself from this experience. When you have a nugget or piece of gold, it must be melted at extreme temperatures to separate the gold from any impurity that disrupts its purest karat. Attending to this elevated responsibility and bond with oneself is somewhat similar if we see it from any perspective.

Mental clarity as a personal strength develops through a similar process and in which we also have to understand what the mind is and how it operates. Here, what I share offers some insights from my meditation practice, as well as my experience facilitating change processes. From the latter and throughout myriad of interventions of various types and specifically trauma resolution, experience leads me to conclude that the individual's mind is an emergent activity that operates from experiences that must be understood or resolved. Nothing exists without purpose and that of the mind is to achieve a resolution process of something that we experience. Unfortunately for people, this situation is more complicated than it seems, since these experiences generally occur in a context where our cognitive and emotional capacity is still very feeble and/or unable to achieve its purpose. Countless experiences in primary childhood and even in the experience of the womb occur without this resolution being achieved, and in which in due course, will result in the mental activity that we know and can identify as dialogue or internal noise, which is one of the forms of his expression. Hearing voices at the level of psychosis and not being able to distinguish them from reality, goes in another level of course.

A first step from the practice of meditation and preferably as a way of life, would be the contemplation of our mental activity, detached and without judgment. Rare is the person who attends with such care to this internal activity that would reveal much about ourselves and the sources of these still unresolved internal conflicts. This is why the practice of meditation is so dry at the beginning or at times given the intensity of this noise. Those who have lived the experience of a silent retreat could also verify the way in which through mindless chatter, we release a large part of this mental activity by externalizing it and how intense it can be when we to face this from such practice.

This contemplation of our mind can be enriched if we also take the opportunity to understand it as a cycle of consciousness in which, through my senses of perception and mental maps, I carry out a process of observation, orientation, decision and action, to start the cycle once again once the result is achieved. This is a perpetual cycle that operates while we are in the waking state. The interesting thing about this, is being able to understand the structure that operates throughout the mental process and that is related to our temperament, personality, memories, emotional structures, sense of limits, identity and capacities. Besides this entire structure, it is also essential to consider other meta-structures such as ancestral backgrounds or social projections of all kinds.

This sophisticated game of psychological interactions that constantly accompanies us is precisely the territory from which mental noise arises and that we ideally, want to address in order to achieve greater clarity for our lives.

A clear or silent mind results from addressing those defining moments from which an apparently chaotic system that frequently limits us in various ways is organised. Here, the focus of attention necessarily demands the resolution of such deep experiences which, due to their age and circumstance, could not be resolved at the time when we were very young. This are the foundations of so many forms of mental conflict that afflict us, sometimes with the degree of pathology.

What happens in the process of achieving a clear mind is somewhat complicated and would be something like a mute trying to explain the taste of sugar, although we can effort to explain it. Each defining moment of relevance will, by its nature, establish a dissociation effect. That is, an aspect of our mental energy/consciousness is forced out of our mind/body system and from this a system of strange attractors is generated that they will give rise to the mental operation, patterns of behavior and more. The resolution of this not only integrates these aspects and the vital force that sustains them, but also produces a domino effect that collapses the psychological structures needed for a deep and necessary emotional resolution allowing for a resilient and flexible inner psychic apparatus. From this emotional cleansing, which becomes intelligence of the same type, the parameters of our inner sense of limits are redefined, which we can summarize as our system of beliefs and values. We can then allow for a deep and powerful psychic reconfiguration as a basic condition to allow intelligence of all kinds and allow for a process of re-learning from those aspects as well.

Achieving this level of mental clarity leads us directly to a capacity for recognition of who we truly are. The possibility of improving self-awareness allows for self-esteem and self-confidence from where our relationship with various life contexts is improved. Frequently it is that once we achieve these levels of clarity, naturally and spontaneously, our cognitive gaps are resolved and as a consequence we leave behind patterns of habits, relationships and frivolous desires. Our sense of meaning is strengthened and arises from this way of being, a capacity for awareness of our situation and environment is achieved openning up new ways for prioritizing the issues in our lives. Our ability to socialize is regulated in highly positive and constructive ways.

All this phenomenology is accompanied by an alignment and restoration of our vital force, which is nothing more than the set of biological functions that, when re-organized, allow a better capacity to allow for psychosomatic healing processes, which is a critical aspect of some important physiological conditions. Hence, remissions in certain pathologies sometimes seem miraculous or unusual in the eyes of conventional medicine.

Radiating this clarity also has important effects since our projective field is released, which implies a lower degree of necessary energetic interaction with the people around us and this allows a healthier, more authentic and purposeful relationships. There is no longer room for childish games so frequent in the interaction between adults who still carry aspects of the inner child, traumatized and stuck at the age of those traumas. A person completely integrated in his genuine present age will always be more apt to observe and draw conclusions pertinent to the moment and his needs.

Clarity is also living in a transcendental harmony that motivates us and calls us to live bravely carrying out the necessary decisions to restore sustainability and balance in our lives and the environment. There can be no development of consciousness without its consequent outward action, and certainly no more falling prey to the frequent psychological defenses such as denial, rationalization, or others.

It is known in the Eastern tradition that the only way to transform karma is by doing the right action at the right moment. Doing this from a clear mind is easy as well as invigorating. This will make your frontal lobes appreciate it and take advantage of it. Can you imagine now how difficult it is to achieve mental clarity, if you sought for it from that noise?

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