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A 5 Module Leadership Renewal Programme

Dear friend,

Welcome to our on-line coaching platform where you will benefit from our unique approach to leadership for this present challenging times. Our offer is unique in the sense that we don´t aspire to teach you leadership techniques or styles, let alone develop new skills that you can use in your place of work. We know you have madtered to some level those skills and understandings. Our concern is on how to help already successful leaders to achieve those marginal changes that will make huge impact on how you understand yourself, your world around and the next stages for your life to happen, in your own terms.

From our own experiences leading in our own projects and personal life, we understand how precious and costly are the achievements we have met and still those yet to come. This, usually comes with a big price or investment in which much is left aside and that eventually comes to balance the check.

Our Model for the Programme

Fundamental needs, upgraded as the centre of our programme as we all have needs, wnats and dont wants to resolve, understand and allign in order for us to begin a journey of allignment on how to meet our needs, in our terms.

Interdependent Actualisation









As humans, our behaviours are driven at the very basis of our experience by a set of fundamental needs that should allow us to satisfy our most instinctual requirements and at the same time, to attain a degree of skill and vision in order to attain those needs which are due to the sofistication as humans with full neurological prowess to be creative, moral and responsible for the common good.

Every individual will see that those needs are met in relation to the social context in which we are born, our development and experiences along those stages and hopefully, achieving such competence that we can express a degree of sofistication and possibilities that will allow us to support thriving environments, whether its our family life or our professional field of choice.

By understanding, clarifying and integrating our needs, we release ourselves  from unwanted or unnecessary pressure as we gain clarity and purity of self that allows for an assessment and prioritising of that which I need, that what I want and that which I need not.

Safety is an ever present need, not a separated one

Since much of what happens in our mind/body system in relation to our needs operates within the boundaries of the unconscious and pre-conscious mind.

Defining Moments and measuring of reality

Our 5 areas  syllabus

Our model is conceived a an on-line platform which will address 5 fundamental aspects of your present leadership as follows:

Hack the



Leadership Camp


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